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Someone once added up how many articles I write and publish annually. The number shocked me.


When I stop and look at my legacy, almost 2,000 articles a year for over ten years – I am humbled and staggered. That is a huge legacy and a lot of words.

Yet, these are all technical articles. They rarely take much creativity or imagination and I’m a fairly imaginative and creative person.

Recently, I decided to follow in the footsteps of my great-uncles who wrote and took creative writing courses for many years, one self-publishing his stories in a couple of books and the other hiding his creative tales with fellow family members until they could be gathered together and shared through my Family History site. I’m starting to attend writing workshops and events, expanding my creativity through the written word.

This site is a collection of those writings and my photography. While I will continue to share my stories on my other sites, this serves only me, not my fans, friends, and family.

I consider this my selfish site. Something I’m doing just for me.