Lorelle VanFossen

Bio: Lorelle VanFossen is a trainer and consultant in WordPress, User Experience (UX), virtual reality, blogging, social media, and online business. Co-founder of Educators in VR and a founding member of the WordPress community, she is a leader in the web publishing industry. She developed the web development degree program at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington, and teaches at a variety of colleges, universities, associations, conferences, and meetups on web publishing and digital storytelling and content creation. She also teaches creative writing and genealogy in virtual reality along with other training programs. Author of Lorelle on WordPress and numerous sites, books, and ebooks on blogging, social media, web publishing, she travels the world speaking at conferences about her passion to help people have their say online.

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2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Terri Neimann said:

    Hi Lorelle I took your workshop at the writer’s conference in PDX
    You had a slide about excuses I was only able to write a couple words, you were so excited and talking fast. Can you please email me and write that saying out about excuses. I loved your workshop, you had so many great ideas thank you!

    • The excuses were “I just want to write” and “I don’t want to learn new things.” the responses were “who said blogging isn’t about writing” and “who said writing isn’t about learning.”

      Is that what you needed?

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