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Scrivener Creative Writing Workshop - PaypalI will be leading a hybrid workshop focused on Scrivener, a leading writing studio that will help you turn your writing from chaos to published.

The 4-week workshop will be hosted in AltspaceVR and on the Creative Writing Meetup in VR Discord server.

Thursdays, 9-11AM PST / 5-6PM UK, July 9-30

Participants will be learning about how to use Scrivener’s powerful features to research, write, structure, and edit their work from the beginning to finished manuscript ready for publishing in various formats from print to ebooks.

This course normally starts at USD $100 for the 8 hour workshop. As this is an experimental hybrid workshop, I’m suggesting USD $10 / 8 GBP or whatever you feel is appropriate.

  • Once paid, contact me through DM (Lorelle#1596) or public post on our Creative Writing Meetup Discord.
  • Provide your AltspaceVR Username (not display name, the one you log in with).
  • I will add you to the private Scrivener Channel in our Discord and to the private events in AltspaceVR.
  • To access the events in AltspaceVR in-world, go to Events > My Events. They should be listed there and open 3 minutes prior to the event.
  • The private Scrivener Channel will feature a private voice channel as well for teaching that happens there.

How Will This Workshop Work?

For social and informational teaching, we will be meeting in AltspaceVR, typically no longer than an hour. The rest of the teaching will be on Discord with voice and text.

Links to articles, resources, and homework assignments will be there and here on this website.

While the workshop will be eight hours of education, the Discord private channel is open 24 hours a day, thus you may post questions there, successes, failures, screenshots, and other shares. Please help each other! It’s too easy for the teacher to just hand over the answers. If you see a question, answer it. It helps you and everyone learn better and faster.