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As someone who loves to read and study ahead for a class, here is the general outline with resources, of the Scrivener classes in AltspaceVR and Discord.

Scrivener Books

In truth, you do not need a book for this course or for Scrivener as its Interactive Tutorial and help manual are excellent resources, and a quick search on the web will find you most of the help and inspiration you need. However, if you are a book lover and feel one is necessary, here are my recommendations.

Class One: Introduction, Structure, and Organization

Class one we explored example uses, structure, and organization of Scrivener content, as well as some of the features and tools.

Class Two: Organization, Inspector, Meta-Data, Backups, and Import

Class two, we explore more about navigation and organization and backups, then open up the Inspector and go exploring. We will also work on importing documents.

Have ready a COPY of one or two documents, anything you want but NOT the original. It needs to be a Word, WordPerfect, or other word processor document or one created in a text editor that has search and replace capabilities.

We’ll play around a little more with organizing the Binder as well as working with the Corkboard and Outline Scrivener views and how to customize them to your needs.

As we work on the Inspector, we will explore all its features including:

  • Synopsis
  • Labels and Status
  • Document Notes
  • Document References
  • Keywords

We may touch lightly on the things listed below, diving deeply into some areas, brushing others. The articles below will help you explore the vast customization and features available in Scrivener beyond the scope of the class.

This class will be all in Discord.

Class Three: Inspector, Research, Revisions, Templates, Project Templates, and Compile Intro

We will start in AltspaceVR for a demo of Project Templates and the Compile feature, then heading to Discord for some hands-on work if we stay on schedule. We have many things to cover in this class, so be ready.

We will go deeper into the powerful search features and the Inspector, exploring more about how to set up custom-meta data, snapshots and revisions, footnotes, comments, and other goodness. We’ll explore how to handle research material imported into Scrivener, and begin the process of learning more about printing, exporting, and using the highly customizable Compile features.

Class Four: Compile and Show Off Your Scrivener Projects

This is the last class and time to show off your Scrivener Projects.

We will be focusing on the Compile feature, and showcasing your own work. Bring one or more examples of your writing at any stage, whether you are starting off or have organized and structured an existing work. We will be meeting in Discord and taking turns sharing our screens. Remember to share on the second tab that says Screens and choose the appropriate monitor if you have more than one.

Additional Scrivener Resources and Information

This is a list of some additional resources and information on using Scrivener. If you find others, please share them with us on our private Discord channel and I’ll update the list here.